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December 7, 2012 by saharaj

You see the name of the author – Suzanne Collins – and you make the most logical connection of our generation. Hunger Games. I am sorry to disappoint you here, because I am not about to rave about the Hunger Games. Yes, I read that trilogy, but I’ll talk about that later. For now, I thought I would give you a series, because so far I have done two stand alones. 

Anyway, Gegor the Overlander is the first of the lesser known, and first, series Suzanne Collins wrote. It is in third person, and I enjoyed it a great deal more than the Hunger Games though I bet the majority of the rest of the world would beg to differ. 

Gregor learns that there is a whole world beneath his feet, and it is such a strange, different world at that. While he is trying to save various kidnapped family members and solve prophecies through out the series, the lure of the underland, and the good amount of adventure, action, romance, betreyal, and talking animals should keep you tied in. (If not, you must be a very hard person to interest!) I read the books in fourth grade, but I read a lot of books earlier than most people, and I definitely think it fits a much wider age group. 

Anyway, read these and then try and tell me they didn’t make you think any differently about rats and cockroaches (you would be lying). 



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