ORIGIN by Jessica Khoury

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December 8, 2012 by saharaj

So, this is the book that one of my other friend’s chose from the Austin Teen Book Festival. I started and finished it in one day – I actually have done that with most these books that I tell you I loved, so most of the books I post about, really – because I HAD to know how the book ended. 

Pia has lived her entire life in the safely locked away Little Cambridge, within the Amazon. She has lived her entire life with the knowledge that she is perfect. She is immortal – unable to die, or be harmed in any way (her skin is impenetrable  – and will one day raise a whole new species of immortals. But everything is not perfect, as she learns soon after her seventeenth birthday. Things are happening too quickly; her final test, the arrival of Dr.Fields (also known as Dr. Klutz and Aunt Harriet), and her escaping and finding Eio. 

Eio. He’s perfect, too, surely, but the scientist in Pia tells her he is also dangerous. And yet it’s with him that she feels her immortal life has purpose – but can she live it without him? And as she struggles between Wild Pia and Scientist Pia she begins to discover the shocking truth behind all the lies she has been told. 

Shocking truth indeed. The climactic ending left me up reading way past my bed time, (and this was a book where I feel the adventure and sci fi was perfectly balanced with the romance, so you couldn’t call it just an adventure, but you couldn’t call it just romance. These are the types of books I love, except typically they are fantasy, not sci fi.) and the character of Pia is so easily related to, being such a strong character even with her weaknesses. 


PS. Moment of silence for Sneeze. 


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