Rising Sea Levels

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December 8, 2012 by saharaj

So, when I was looking around for Urbis Natalis, I wanted to see what some of the thoughts were about living on the ocean. This is a pretty cool site I found, which I felt like sharing. I didn’t exactly use any of the designs exactly, but I let them guide me to making my own ideas.

I particularly love the idea of redesigned ocean rigs, but there are a ton of recreational ideas, and ideas above and below water, that are equally interesting. Each country has their own list of ideas. Makes my mind go wild. The idea for Home Harbor, by the way, came off of Rio, which really was the largest oil rig ever made and then sunk in 2001.


You can also search ‘floating cities of the future’ on Google images, and I got a lot of ideas from just looking around there, too.



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