Two Steps From Hell

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December 10, 2012 by saharaj

For you poor, innocent souls, forgive the title of this post. All I wanted to talk about was that I have discovered this past year that I write better if I am writing to music, preferably instrumentals so I don’t sing along. At first I was stuck with Brian Crain, a pianist. Don’t get me wrong – he has awesome stuff – but it just wasn’t working for the times I was writing high action scenes. Then, behold, I came across the artist (band, whatever) Two Steps From Hell, and their myriad of songs that deserve a genre to be made just for them. It would be the epic genre. Anyway, they have quiet songs, and loud songs. It’s awesome. Search them up on youtube. They are awesomeness. Albums I’ve listened to and will put on iTunes as soon as I get something that can have iTunes on it, are Invincible, Archangel, and Skyworld.¬†



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