Editing Drives Me Insane

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December 17, 2012 by saharaj

So, I’ve mentioned Wake Up Call, the book I have finished, and it’s sequel that I am currently working on, Lullaby. Well, I only have some thirty pages left to edit, but I’ve done all my editing on a paper version (it’s easier to let other people edit that way, and easier in general to edit that way), so now I have to make all the edits on the digital version. It is driving me insane. Also, were you aware of how many publishers will only accept manuscripts sent in by agents? Do you know the possibilities of me finding an agent? Anyhow,  the only thing I have found is the Australian Scholastic, but I’m not sure if you can publish something through another country. Anyone know of any other way to publish (not interested in self publishing)? 



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