AIRBORN by Kenneth Oppel

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December 29, 2012 by saharaj

This book wasn’t focused on something I typically find interest in (air ships) but it had enough adventure and fantasy that I actually surprised myself by really enjoying it (not, I am sad to say, like Jurassic Park, which I read, and I suppose is good, but has SO MANY SCIENTIFIC WORDS!). I would definitely suggest it (which is, you know, the whole purpose of this site …). I can’t wait to read the other two books of the trilogy.

Matt Cruse only ever feels at home in the air, and was born on an airship. Some years ago he saved a dying balloonist who spoke of magical creatures and a girl named Kate, who he missed something terrible, but Matt never believed any of it to be true until he actually met Kate, the man’s granddaughter. Kate does as she pleases, and takes fascination in her grandfather’s journal, which quickly captivated Matt as well, as he makes a friend of her. When pirates shipwreck them onto the island of the mystical cloud-cats, Matt becomes stuck trying to both remain loyal to his airship (which will be destroyed soon should they be unable to lift her off) while discovering the secrets between the creature, following Kate in her discoveries.

“Light as air, that’s our Mr. Cruse.”


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