BRIGHTLY WOVEN by Alexandra Bracken

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January 2, 2013 by saharaj

So – happy 2013. Nice to know we survived 2012 – this is a book that I read at the beginning of school this year, it was a suggestion. Most of the time people will come to me and be like, “I’ve got this book for you that you would LOVE!” and I’ll just smile and say I’ll try and read it. Most of the time I don’t. The few times I do, they are most often not at all my style. Anyway, this book was … epic? (People say I use the word epic too often). 


Sydelle’s home has been stuck in a drought for ten years, with no rain. When Wayland North beings rain there he is offered any reward  he likes. He choses Sydelle, an amazing weaver and someone who has a knack for mending magical coats. While Sydelle is hurt her parents let her go so easily, even if she always meant to escape, she finds herself strangely drawn to North, who is unpredictable and wild, yet has a fierce determination to protect her. However, after they defeat a notorious wizard Reuel Dorwan, and Sydelle learns the truth about North and why he chose her, she suddenly finds herself the tipping point of the war they’ve been trying to stop.


I love, love, LOVED, this book. 



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