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January 9, 2013 by saharaj

What inspires you to write? 

I know that I get a lot of inspiration to write from dreams – I got my idea for Wake Up Call off of a dream (which sort of makes sense, I suppose, since the books has a lot to do with dreaming!), but I also draw from everyday experiences. Things that you never think twice about are what make things in books more realistic, make the reader more connected. 

Anyway, I wanted to talk about what I do when I write. Currently I am pretty much there, except I’m not writing a book (or a poem! Three of my poems have been published! I do poetry too!). I would prefer to write in the morning, of course, but school vetoes that option and besides, then my ideas accumulate and by the time I sit down I’m bursting at the seams with words – I’ll go work on Lullaby after I finish this post. (I try, by the way, to do homework first, but that doesn’t always work out.) I write best on my computer, because I write much faster on my computer than if I handwrite – practically as fast as the words come – but it is also very easy to go back and add, or delete, or change. I wish, however, I could try my hand at a typewriter. I shut myself in my room and sit at my desk (I GOT A DESK FOR CHRISTMAS!) and I’ll put my headphones in the computer so I can listen to music – I write best listening to music, I’ve recently discovered (fantastic mood setter. Like I’ve suggested previously – Two Steps From Hell!) – without bothering the household, and I WRITE. I also like computers because the internet is close at hand for searching things up, which I occasionally do, mostly for names. Sometimes I snack (Christmas candy? What candy?!?!?). Also, I love – although I can’t currently hear it with my headphones in – listening to rain while I write. Class on a rainy day is torture, because all I can think of, listening to the rain, is stories I could be starting instead of taking notes on how acceleration in inversely proportionate to mass (not that I really mind my physics class that much. Our teacher is awesome. Still….). 



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