THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer

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March 17, 2013 by saharaj

I don’t know if anyone has seen the preview for the movie coming out for this book. Movies typically botch something up, so I’m really ashamed to admit it was the movie that hooked me in, because the cover of the book made it sound like another romance from Stephenie Meyer and I’m not a huge fan of romance. I read the Twilight series and I liked them but I was worried this book would be all romantic with a love triangle too. It wasn’t anything like Twilight and I LOVED it. Just finished it, actually. I devoured it in three days – it was longer than I thought it would be. 

Earth’s future is grim – for humans. Souls have come and taken over almost every human on Earth. When the Soul is inserted the human disappears and simply becomes a host for the Soul. Melanie Stryder is an exception. From the moment Wanderer took Melanie’s body as her host Melanie has fought back. The human isn’t supposed to fight back, and Wanderer is frightened and angry, feelings Souls aren’t supposed to feel. But as Wanderer searches through what memories Melanie will allow her to see she begins to fall in love with Jared, the human Melanie was in love with, and when the opportunity presents herself to find him, she takes it. But when Wanderer finally finds Jared, he despises her – she is a Soul, not the Melanie he remembers and Wanderer has to figure out how to collaborate with Melanie so that she can survive.

I’m not sure that even counts as a valid summary. This book hooks you in. The love triangle was the strangest I have ever read of, because if you can count Wanda (Wanderer) as a person, it ends up a love quadruplet. Is that the right term? I finally found the right balance of romance and action and . . . and everything. This book was amazing. 



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