KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES by Shannon Messenger

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May 12, 2013 by saharaj

So, I’m actually really happy to announce that I finished my first full edit of Wake Up Call. In the rough draft it was 454 pages and is now better and 471 pages. I have to thank my friends for their support on that – too many people to name.

Went to the library just before lunch and I thought, I’m going to check out the J fic section, because as I’ve stated, I don’t particularly care for the unnecessary romances Y fic fantasies often create. A lot of books can be J or Y fic, so I try to check it out sometimes. So I picked up this book, and I thought it sounded interesting, and I don’t know if you caught on when I said that I got it today, but I also finished it today. It was a really good book, very fast paced. 

Sophie has always been different, hiding the fact that she can read minds. When a boy shows up and is telepathic too, declaring she is an elf (I had a little trouble getting over that, too. Not the elves you’ll think of. I had a great deal less trouble getting over the fact that we have physics wrong) and whisking her away to Shangri-la, one of the lost cities inhabited by elves. As Sophie learns more about her abilities and makes her first friends, she also makes her first enemies and learns that although elves aren’t supposed to have rebellions, a rebellion is certainly beginning, and she is in the thick of it. Why was she placed with humans as a child? Why can no one read her mind? Why are the authorities keeping her telepathic abilities secret from everyone else? And what is Project Moonlark? 

Two notes about this book I’ve just got to get out there. One, Keefe is my favourite even though he’s not in the running. Two, I never got over the fact that she could read minds and wasn’t allowed to, so they ended up keeping secrets from her. Obviously I am much more rebellious than Sophie. Oh, and I’ve got to get the second book, Exile!



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