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July 9, 2013 by saharaj

This was a fantastic book. I really loved the way it was done and how history was sort of woven into it. The book really brought up what, exactly, freedom was, and what family meant, which I guess sounds sort of quaint except that the book was filled with fantasy and war and romance. It’s also been a long time since I read a novel with pictures but the pictures in this book only added to the mystery of the plot.

Jacob loved the stories Grandpa Portman told of his childhood until he grew too old to believe tales of flying children and monsters. Then, sixteen, his grandfather dies in arms and Jacob is convinced he saw the monster who did it – a man with tentacles coming from his mouth just as the stories told. Fascinated, he goes off to the island Grandpa Portman grew up on in search of the “Bird” and answers. What he finds is an island with – well, what do you expect – peculiar children. As he unwinds his grandfather’s past he learns that the children are incredibly sheltered, why they are sheltered, and must decide whether to stay with the children who understand him and the girl he loves or leave for home with his father.

In the end I’m not really sure he had a choice, but the book was AMAZING. It was a little weird that he fell in love with the same girl his grandfather was in love with, but whatever. I would definitely suggest this book. It was amazing. Also, I’ve always thought time travel couldn’t exist – which I can rant on for some time if you want but I highly doubt you do, so let’s suffice to say I have my reasons – but besides the fact the rest of the world doesn’t want magic to be real, this book made it seem extremely possible. Mind you, there was no time travel in the book. An AMAZING book, though. I highly suggest it.


(Also, sorry for the delay. I know I said I’d go through the books I read during the summer, but I’ve been gone up in the beautiful north where it doesn’t have to be 100 every day during the summer and wasn’t on the computer very much. I promise to catch up. I might also post some new story beginnings – beginnings, mind you.)


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