All But My Life by Gerda Weissman Klein

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August 3, 2013 by saharaj

You might have a different case, but my summer reading homework for school is to read the required reading, a nonfiction, and two other books. This seems small considering I’ve read twenty four books this summer, but I don’t generally read nonfiction, so I always have to search harder for this.

All But My Life is the memoir of a Jewish girl in World War Two and the three years she spends in concentration camps. At first she talks of struggling with rations, but then at fifteen her older brother is sent off to war and she is forced out of her own home. Gerda writes of the unfair way the Nazis treat her. Eventually she is separated from her parents as they are each sent to concentration camps. The days without rest and little food are grueling and the monotone letters from her brother do little to cheer her up, when the letters from Abek, who she has a complicated romance with only bring her down. There are little acts of kindness but there is also death all around her and she remembers more than ever the promise she made to her father not to commit suicide. Even after the war she continues, talking of learning to walk again and meeting the soldier who would become her husband, of little daily triumphs and regrets.

The book was very interesting and I would definitely suggest it.

Also, for an update – I read the Tiger Saga, which was four books, and then this book, and then I reread the Lightning Thief and the first Harry Potter. Unless someone requests that I do so, I don’t feel inclined to go over these well known series.



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