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December 31, 2013 by saharaj

Can you let me fangirl for a moment? If you go on my Pinterest you’ll find I have currently 285 pins regarding this . . .

Who else is absolutely completely obsessed with Sherlock? It’s funny because I never would have expected to but a friend of mine introduced me to it almost exactly a year ago and a fell in love with it immediately. Which is funny because my friend is obsessed with Doctor Who and doesn’t really care as much. 

But Sherlock season 3 comes out on January 1st (I can’t believe it’s almost the new year) and I absolutely cannot wait! I cried watching the Reichenbach Fall a year ago and I cry every time I rewatch it. I couldn’t believe Sherlock (SPOILER ALERT) was dead and was so so so happy that he wasn’t. I know John says he doesn’t care how, he cares why (which is incredibly touching) but I am so interested on how he faked his death. I don’t have a full theory but do any of you? I mean, there are some really stupid ones out there (involving unicorns) but there are also some that are obviously thought out and interesting. 

I also might as well get it out there that I DO NOT ship Johnlock. I have absolutely no idea why people can’t be happy with John and Sherlock being best friends. I think their friendship is beautiful, watching it evolve throughout the episodes, especially since Sherlock must be an incredibly difficult person to live with and John never doubts him. I just find the whole thing extremely touching. It doesn’t have to be a romance. Not every friendship is a romance, peoples.

Who better to play Sherlock than Benedict Cumberbatch? I thought RDJ was funny playing him in the movies but I think BBC (as much as it loves to torture us) really captures the essence of Sherlock. Also, because I’m legitimately curious, is there anyone else out there who watches Sherlock, is obsessed with it, and doesn’t think Benedict Cumberbatch is cute? Because I’m not really sure I think he is but I know a lot of people who disagree. I love the show because of how they show Sherlock solving each case. It doesn’t hurt that Benedict Cumberbatch is good looking, but … also I think Martin Freeman is absolutely perfect for John. I’ve never been happy with how other shows/movies portrayed John. As long as he loses the mustache at some point in season 3 ……..




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