The Empty Hearse and a Happy New Year!

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January 4, 2014 by saharaj

I’m still in denial that I actually have now watched the first episode of season 3. I wasn’t supposed to be able to until the 19th but I lucked out and found a site where I could stream it live on the first. I’m so incredibly happy that Sherlock is back. It’s pretty much the only show I obsess over. 

I’d seen someone else do this with a movie, and since I’ve been waiting for this episode for what feels like forever, I decided to capture my thoughts as I watched it for the first time. Obviously if you haven’t seen it and don’t want any hints (I really don’t give too much away, though) SPOILER ALERT. So here it is: my thoughts while I watched the Empty Hearse. 

So Lestrade hugs him, John punches him, and Molly already knew …. Hm…. I love Mary. YAY JOHN SHAVED!!!!! So Molly CAN wear cute outfits …. aw he misses him 🙂 And he’s trying so hard. So Molly IS engaged. Everyone thought it was Molly on the motercycle but it’s Mary.  NO. I nearly cried oh my gosh.  Mary is so smart; I love her.  I knew they were his parents. “I prefer my doctors cleanshaved” I’m really seeing the first, aren’t I? I still don’t believe it. OHHHHH. “Cleaner, more efficient …. and illegal” 🙂 Can you even do that? There’s no way you can just get into the tube like that. I thought he’d failed for a second. That scared me.  No get off now.  NOW.  HOW THE HECK ARE YOU SO CALM? “And a soldier.”  Not kidding.  NOW. This is hilarious. WOW.  So then. Uhg look at Anderson. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO HIM AND JOHN??????  Haha.  They’re never going to tell us how he did it, are they? No that was mean, Sherlock. Don’t be so mean to John. “So two years ago.” !!!!!!! Sherlock has a sense of humour now.  I really like Mary. Yes, how?  “I heard you.” 😦 NO.  Well maybe.  !!! THEY”RE BACK TOGETHER I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT 🙂 So who is this new person?

Also a very happy new years to everyone! I don’t know what books are coming out but I know there are some great movies coming out this year. Basically I’m talking about Divergent (March 21) and the Fault In Our Stars (June 6) but there are some other ones I want to see as well. The creepy thing is that Ansel Elgort plays both Caleb Prior and Agustus Waters. This is wrong. I’m really hoping they don’t mess the movies up because I love both of these books. 



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