About the Author


I am an avid fourteen year old reader and writer. Mostly I read fantasy (and also enjoy some Historical Fiction), and that is mostly what I write, too. Sometimes I will write Science Fiction, and very rarely I do Non-fiction. I have participated in NaNoWriMo for four years. I hope to be a published author, but for now I write for my friends, and for my sanity. I have finished one book (WAKE UP CALL, roughly 470 pages) and I am currently editing it while writing the sequel plus fifty other story beginnings.

Besides writing I have also played the viola for five years and the violin the five years before that. There’s lots of viola pride here. This year I auditioned for All Region Orchestra and got first chair in Symphony. (The past year 2nd chair Symphony and the year before 2nd chair Philharmonic.)

I’ve also played volleyball for several years now. Tall girl pride too :). Unfortunately I had to stop fencing about half a year ago because of all the other things I was doing.

For more things about me check out;

My Pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/readingnorth/

The Chosen Trilogy: http://thechosentrilogy.wordpress.com/



2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Yardley Hendry says:

    I’m really interested in your work and I have re-pinned some of your tips on Pinterest. I’m not much of a writer but it really facinates me. Good luck on your book.

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