Give It To The Characters

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Some of my favourite characters 

Name: Fallon Orion

Book(s): The Chosen Trilogy

Age: 14-19 (throughout trilogy)

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Instead of her shoulder length blond hair it was thick ebony and ended just before her waist. It framed her heart shaped face, which complimented her newfound elegance. Her eyes weren’t green anymore but a startling blue. She seemed younger than before and her skin was now a darker olive color. The reflected girl wore a beautiful light blue nightgown with a revealing top and many, long skirts. Kate hugged her bare arms, unable understand what had happened to her. (image:

Gift: Traveling back to Earth with the ability to take things from it. (Able to mindspeak)

Personality: Fallon is almost unreasonably optimistic, especially in the first book. She has trouble obeying orders and always does what she believes is right, which often results in disobeying others. She is a very loyal friend and looks at people with an open mind when she first meets them. As time progresses she becomes an extremely talented fighter although she sometimes refuses to believe she might fail.


Name: Zoe-Mireya Silver-Deronn

Book(s): The Chosen Trilogy

Age: 15-20 (throughout the trilogy)

Gender: Female

Physical Description: One of the other doors to the Dome opened and a girl came in, hand on the pommel of her sword. Her long blonde hair looked bleached, as though it might have once been brown, and was over her shoulder in a braid. She had dark, nearly black eyes. Her skin was tanned darker than Fallon was used to. She wore light brown leggings and a purple squared off tunic, almost identical to Fallon’s outfit. (image:

Gift: Able to persuade people to do things. (In Lullaby+ able to mindspeak)

Personality: In the beginning of WAKE UP CALL Zoe seems like a troubled, quiet, secretive girl. As you learn more about her, you learn she is an excellent fighter as well as someone who studies people. Although extremely rational, she is also hopeful and will fight for what she believes in.


Name: “Avian” Kellan Fitz

Book(s): Dovecraft Asylum (possibility of more later)


Gender: Male

Physical Description: A boy leans against the doorway, grinning at me. The others are watching me discreetly, but this boy is begging to be noticed. I would have noticed him even if he weren’t openly watching me. He was tall and gangly, wearing pants and a large long sleeved shirt. He had a small, straight nose and a square face. His eyes were dark, and his short hair was a strange violet, plum color.

He realized that I was watching him now and his smile widened, showing strangely white, perfect teeth. I pull the blanket tighter around me and move through the people towards him. I leaned nonchalantly against the wall, just beside him.

“So,” I said slowly without looking at him. “Am I supposed to know you?”

He found this funny. “I’ve only saved your precious life, you know. There should be some gratitude in store for me.” (image:

Personality: Especially at first glance, Avian is there to make people laugh. He tries to find the light in most situations, or at least make a crack. He is quick to decide whether to befriend or annoy someone, but generally doesn’t make mistakes in judging character. However, Avian is also an exceptional  fighter and has a more serious demeanor if you get to know him better.


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